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美日规65W USB TYPE-C PD快充头

型号:JHD-AP065U-BC-PD05,PD 五组电压美规电源适配器/TYPE-C口/固定插脚,UL,FCC认证






1. Scope/概述
The data details the electrical, structural and environmental requirements of a 65W (continuous output power) PD switching power supply. Support QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0,  multiple fast charge protocols. 资料详细描述了一款65W(连续输出功率)PD开关电源的电气性,结构性及环境等要求。支持QC2.0、QC3.0、PD2.0、PD3.0多种快充协议。。
The power supply shall meet the RoHS requirement.电源符合RoHS 要求。
■SMPS Adaptor(Wall mount)/插墙式适配器  □SMPS Adaptor(Desk-top)/桌面型适配器
□Open Frame/开放式结构                   □SMPS Unit (With Case)/带铝壳型
2. Input Characteristics/输入特性
2.1 Input Voltage & Frequency/输入电压与频率
The range of input voltage is from 90Vac to 264Vac single phase.
输入电压范围:从90Vac 到264Vac, 单相输入。
Item/项目 Minimum/最小 Nominal/额定值 Maximum/最大
Input Voltage/输入电压 90Vac 100Vac~240Vac 264Vac
Input Frequency/输入频率 47Hz 50Hz/60Hz 63Hz
2.2 Input AC Current/AC输入电流
1.5A max. @ 220Vac input & max. load. /在220Vac输入和最大负载条件下最大1.5A。
2.3 Inrush Current (cold start)/浪涌电流(冷启动)
120A max. @ 220Vac input & max. Load. /在220Vac输入和最大负载条件下最大120A。
2.4 No Load Power待机功耗
0.1W max. @230Vac input &No Load./在230Vac输入待机状态下功耗小于等于0.1W。
2.5 Efficiency /效率
81.4%(5V3A),86.6%(9V3A),87.4%(12V3A),88%(15V4A),88.0%(20V3.25A) min. @ The average efficiency of 10%,25%,50%,75%,100%.load at 115/230Vac/在 115/230Vac输入电压下,输出10%, 25%,50%,75%,100%负载下的平均效率最小81.4%(5V3A),86.6%(9V3A),87.4%(12V3A),88%(15V4A),88.0%(20V3.25A)。
3. Output Characteristics/输出特性
3.1 Static Output Characteristics <Vo & R+N>/静态输出特性<输出&纹波+噪声>
/输出 Load Condition/负载条件 Voltage Range
/电压范围 R+N
/纹波&噪声 Remark
Load Nominal
+5V 0A 3.0A 4.75-5.25V ≤120mV 
+9V 0A 3.0A 8.55-9.45V ≤150mV 
+12V 0A 3.0A 11.4 -12.6V ≤150mV 
+15V 0A 4.0A 14.25-15.75V ≤200mV 
+20V 0A 3.25A 19.0-21.0V ≤300mV 
Ripple & Noise: Measurement is done by 20MHz bandwidth oscilloscope and the output paralleled a 0.1μF ceramic capacitor and a 10μF electrolysis capacitor of low ESR and high frequency.
(Under 220Vac input and max. load),Block diagram as following:
纹波与噪声: 测量时示波器选用20MHz带宽限制,输出端要并联一颗0.1μF 的陶瓷电容和一颗10μF 的高频低阻电解电容. (在220Vac输入和最大负载(阻性负载)条件下).
3.2 Line/ Load Regulation/线性/负载调整率
/输出 Load Condition/负载条件 Load Regulation/
负载调整率 Line Regulation/
线性调整率 Remark备注  
+5V 0A 3.0A ±3% ±2% 
+9V 0A 3.0A ±3% ±2% 
+12V 0A 3.0A ±3% ±2% 
+15V 0A 4.0A ±3% ±2% 
+20V 0A 3.25A ±3% ±2% 
3.3 Turn - on Delay Time/开机延迟时间
3.0S max. @ 100 Vac to 240 Vac input & max. load.
3.4 Hold-up Time/关机保持时间
10mS min. @ max. load & 100Vac/60Hz input turn off at worst case.
20mS min. @ max. load & 240Vac/50Hz input turn off at worst case.
3.5 Rise Time/上升时间
50mS max. @ max. load ./在最大负载条件下最大50mS。
3.6 Output Overshoot / Undershoot/输出过冲/欠冲
10% max. When the power on or off/当电源开/关机时最大10%。
3.7 Output Load Transient Response/输出负载瞬态响应
Output voltage within4.75-5.25V, 8.55-9.45V,11.4 -12.6V, 14.25-15.75V, 19.0-21.0V while the load step from 25% to 50% to 25% to max. load or 50% to 75% to 50% of max. load, R/S:0.5A/μS,frequency :100Hz,Output overshoot is less then ±5%.
输出电压在4.75-5.25V, 8.55-9.45V,11.4 -12.6V, 14.25-15.75V, 19.0-21.0V之间,负载变化: 从25%到50%再到25%或从最大负载的50%到75%再到50%,斜率:0.5A/μS,频率: 100Hz,输出过冲小于±5%。
4. Protection Requirements/保护要求
4.1 Short Circuit Protection/短路保护
The input power shall decrease when the output of short ,the power supply shall no damage , and shall be self-recovery when the fault condition is removed.
4.2Over Current Protection/过流保护
The power supply shall be in protection status when the over currents applied to the output rail, and shall be self-recovery when the fault condition is removed.
输出保护 Over Current          Protection(5V3A) Over Current     Protection(9V3A) Over Current     Protection(12V3A) Over Current     Protection(15V4A) Over Current Protection(20V3.25A) Short Circuit Protection
115V 输入 ≤4.0A ≤4.0A ≤4.0A ≤4.5A ≤4.0A Hiccup
230V输入 ≤4.0A ≤4.0A ≤4.0A ≤4.5A ≤4.0A Hiccup
5. Environment Requirements/环境要求
5.1 Operating Temperature and Relative Humidity/操作温/湿度要求
-10℃ to +40℃/工作温度在-10℃到 +40℃.
10%RH to 90%RH/湿度在10%到90%。
5.2 Storage Temperature and Relative Humidity/存储温/湿度要求
-20℃ to +85℃/存储温度在-20℃到 +85℃。       
5%RH to 95%RH non-condensing/湿度在5%到95%不结霜。
5.3 Height Above Sea Level/海拔高度
The power supply can normal operate at 0~5000 meter.
5.4 Vibration/振动
10 to 300Hz sweep at a constant acceleration of 1.0G(Breadth: 3.5mm) for 1 Hour for each of the perpendicular axes X, Y, Z.
扫描频率: 10 to 300Hz, 加速度: 1.0G(位移: 3.5mm), X, Y, Z 三垂直坐标轴向各振动1小时。
6. Reliability Requirements/可靠性要求
6.1 Burn-in/老化
The power supply shall be burn-in for 8 hours at 40℃±5℃(The detail is at suggest Test Standard).
6.2 MTBF Qualification/平均间隔故障时间估算
The MTBF shall be at least 50,000hours at 40℃, max. load and nor. input condition.
平均间隔故障时间: 至少50,000 小时,40℃环境及额定输入与满载条件下。
6.3 跌落测试 Drop test
Conditions: flat marble or concrete floor; 1 m high; The bare
Method: 6 products, one time each,
Results: The product has no hidden danger and danger. Electrical performance works normally
7. EMI/EMS Standards/EMI/EMS标准
7.1 EMI Standards/EMI标准
EN55032 EN55035
GB13837 CISPR 22
GB9254 FCC Part15 Subpart B
7.2 EMS Standards/EMS标准
EN 61000-3-3 Voltage fluctuations & flicker;
EN 61000-4-2 Electrostatic Discharge(ESD): 8kV air discharge, 4kV contact discharge;
EN 61000-4-3 Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Susceptibility Test-RS;
EN 61000-4-4 Electrical Fast Transient/Burst-FET;
EN 61000-4-5 Surge Immunity Test: (L-N +/-1KV,L,N-PE +/-2KV)
EN 61000-4-6 Conducted Radio Frequency Disturbances Test-CS;
EN 61000-4-8 Power Frequency Magnetic Field Test;
EN 1000-4-11 Voltage Dips;
8. Safety Standards/安规标准
8.1 Dielectric Strength(Hi-pot)/介电耐压强度(高压)
Primary to Secondary: 3000Vac/5mA Max/60 seconds (3.5KV/3seconds for production).
初级对次级: 3000Vac /5mA Max / 60秒(生产时高压测试时间: 3.5KV/3秒)
8.2 Leakage Current/漏电流
0.25mA max. at 240Vac / 50Hz.
8.3 Insulation Resistance/绝缘阻抗
50MΩ min. at primary to secondary add 500Vdc test voltage.
在初级与次级间加500Vdc 进行测试,最小50MΩ。
8.4 Regulatory Standards/安规标准
Type/安规 Country/国家 Standard/标准 State/状况 Mark/备注
CCC China GB4943.1 □ IT资讯类标准
CE Europe EN62368-1 □ IT资讯类标准
cULus America/Canada UL62368-1 ■ IT资讯类标准
PSE Japan J62368-1 □ IT资讯类标准

9.Circuit Schematic Drawing/电路示意图
10.PCB Diagram/印刷电路板图
11.Suggest Test Standard/建议验收测试标准
11.1 List of Equipments/仪器设备
Isolated Transformer、Adjustable Transforme (0~300Vac) 、Multimeter、Oscillograph(20MHz) 、Hi-Pot Equipments、Test Load.
11.2 Test Load/测试负载
Load 5V 9V 12V 15V 20V
Normal Load/额定负载 3000mA(1.66Ω) 3000mA(3.0Ω) 3000mA(4.0Ω) 4000mA(3.75Ω) 3250mA(6.15Ω)
Minimum Load/最小负载 0A(/Ω) 0A(/Ω) 0A(/Ω) 0A(/Ω) 0A(/Ω)
11.3 Test Item/测试项目
11.3.1 On/Off Test/开关机测试
1)Connect the input of power supply to AC input, and output to max. load、nor. Load、Min. load.
2)Adjust input voltage to 90Vac、220Vac、264Vac respectively, then turn on and turn off three times .If no damage ,ON/OFF test OK.
11.3.2 Output Voltage Test/输出电压测试
1)Connect the input of power supply to AC input,and output to max. load、nor.Load、min. load ; test output voltage at any input voltage between 90Vac and 264Vac ,the output voltage within
4.75-5.25V, 8.55-9.45V,11.4 -12.6V, 14.25-15.75V, 19.0-21.0V.
将待测电源的输入端连接到AC输入,输出端分别接最大负载、额定负载、最小负载,将输入电压由90Vac调至264Vac,测试输出电压在4.75-5.25V, 8.55-9.45V,11.4 -12.6V, 14.25-15.75V, 19.0-21.0V之间.
11.4 Ripple & Noise Test/纹波与噪声测试
1)Test condition:Input 220Vac and output to max.load
2)Test method:Measurement is done by 20MHz bandwith oscilloscope and the output paralleled a 0.1μF ceramic capacitor and a 10μF electrolysis capacitor of low ESR and high frequency.(Under 220Vac input and max.load),Block diagram as following:
3)Ripple & Noise Scope/各组纹波值应该在下表所示规格之内:
Ripple & Noise
纹波+噪声 V pk-pk(5V):≤120mV V pk-pk(9V):≤150mV
 V pk-pk(12V):≤150mV V pk-pk(15V):≤200mV
 V pk-pk(20V):≤300mV 
11.5 Short Circuit Protection Test/短路测试
1)Test condition: input 220Vac and output max. load、nor.Load、min. load .
2)The power supply shall be hiccupped when operating output in a short circuit condition and the power supply shall be self-recovering when the fault condition is removed.
11.6 Efficiency Test/效率测试
81.4%(5V3A),86.6%(9V3A),87.4%(12V3A),88%(15V4A),88.0%(20V3.25A)   min. @ The average efficiency of 25%,50%,75%,100%.load at 115/230Vac/在 115/230Vac输入电压下,输出25%,50%,75%,100%负载下的平均效率最小81.4%(5V3A),86.6%(9V3A),87.4%(12V3A),88%(15V4A),88.0%(20V3.25A)。
11.7 Hi-pot Test/耐压测试
Input-output 3000Vac,60 seconds,Leakage current<5mA
输入-输出 交流3000V,60秒,漏电流<5毫安
11.8 Burn-in Test/老化测试
Adjust the input voltage to 220Vac and connect the output of the power supply to the Burn-in load,each resistant value is as following:5Vdc/3000mA(1.66ohm),9Vdc/3000mA(3.0ohm),12Vdc/3000mA(4.0ohm),15Vdc/4000mA(3.75ohm),20Vdc/3250mA(6.15ohm)the power supply can undergo a minimum of 8 hours Burn-in test at 40±5℃.
12. Mach. Outline Drawing/外观示意图
13. Appendix I:Label/附录一:标贴镭雕 
14.Package Drawing/包装示意图






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